Saturday, December 8, 2012

Girls can think about nothing, too

            This weekend, awkward moments experienced a sharp jump in activity. But, before I delve into those tales, let's take a look back to November, a time when awkward moments were mercifully only a weekly occurrence.

            My boss gave me free tickets to the Alaska Aces hockey game, and I invited my two guy friends. The game had gone on without a hitch, save for that one awkward moment when one of the guys I brought along suddenly blurted out, “Why am I here? Aren’t you engaged?!” 
           But nevermind him.
           After the hockey game, my other friend (who does not think I am engaged) and I walked back to ours cars. I didn’t notice that we weren’t speaking until he said, “What are you thinking about?” which led to a mild internal panic attack.
Did he just ask ‘What are you thinking about?’ I thought only girls asked that question.
Focus. Shoot, what was I thinking about? Oh my gosh. No. Nooo! Nothing! I wasn’t thinking about anything! Hey that’s pretty cool.
Think. Think! You can’t tell him ‘Nothing’. He’ll think you’re lying.­
We’re walking up a hill. It is steep.
It’s cold.
It’s dark.
I can see my breath. I wonder how far it would have to project before I’d start to look like a fire-breathing dragon. Well, a smoke-breathing dragon.
Ah ha! Got it.
 “I was just thinking about how weird it is that hockey players get into fights when they know they’ll be penalized.”
Nice save.

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